Hi! I'm Andrew Gassen.

I've been building software and software teams over the past decade for startups, large enterprises, and government agencies. I love it.

The highlights in my career come from helping things get "unstuck." My superpower is in helping people look at their challenges and situations from a different perspective, then identifying the path forward.

I'm committed to helping you build the right thing, build the thing right, and make your customers wildly successful.

Complex Topics Simplified in Live Classes

I've spent most of my career in an instructional or consulting role, so sharing information *live* comes natural to me. Rather than create pre-recorded video courses, I'm teaching live sessions that anybody can join and engage. My number one priority is to help YOU succeed. Live classes are the fastest, most efficient way for me to share what I know. Check out the schedule of upcoming sessions below. Interested in a topic you don't see? Shoot me a note at andrew@getitbuilt.io.
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Get It Built Membership

Everything you need to build, launch, and grow. The Get It Built members get access to every live class, exclusive education content, access to a private community, and discounts on everything else I provide.
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One-on-One Coaching

I love live classes with a group of enthusiastic builders, but sometimes you need more time to dive into a topic unique to your journey. I offer paid coaching sessions for just this reason. You'll get my undivided attention as we work together on topics specific to you and your product or business over the course of 30 or 60 minutes.
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I don't do hourly freelancing anymore, but I have created a small handful of packaged service offerings intended to help creators with very focused aspects of their journey. These Sprints are time boxed activities with well-defined outcomes to help you with MVP Scoping, Customer Onboarding, and Discovery.
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