Hi! I'm Andrew Gassen.

I build tools, provide coaching, and create content to empower software organizations of all shapes and sizes to achieve their desired outcomes.

A Bit About Me

I've spent the past several years trying to figure out "what" I am. Professionally, I consult with enterprise organizations that are in the midst of a large scale digital transformation. I do this as an employee of Pivotal Software, and couldn't imagine doing it anywhere else.

I also teach founders at a couple different startup accelerators in the Washington, DC area. The challenges they see are similar to the enterprise in some ways, but different in many others. To push the boundary even FARTHER, I am a huge advocate of building apps without code using tools like Bubble or Glide.

Herein lies my problem: I'm working on complete opposite ends of the spectrum! The customers I work with by day are operating some of the most complex codebases on the planet. I go home, kick off my shoes, and am moderating a forum dedicated to non-technical founders and their journey to launch the app of their dreams. When people ask what I do, I'm not really sure what my answer should be. Recently, I made a big breakthrough, and decided to put together this site.

Pivotal's mission is to Transform How the World Builds Software. I've always looked at this as a bit fluffy, but then I realized how true it is to what I actually do. I work with ANYBODY building software, whether they've been coding for 25 years or can't spell PHP, and I do this through teaching.

My mission is to empower software organizations of all shapes and sizes to achieve their desired outcomes.

My Audience


I build video courses and teach an online accelerator to help people launch software, no coding necessary.

Enterprise Leaders

I write on the topic of digital transformation and how to effectively manage a modern software organization. 

Small Teams

I've built and led a number of teams over my career, and recently, have explored the traits of a healthy team. 

The People You Meet on your Digital Transformation Journey

An inside look at the various personalities, challengers, and allies you'll encounter as you push for change in your organization.
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Customer Development 101: How to Validate Before You Build

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