Contact Me!

I get a lot of messages, so please scan this page before reaching out. It might be able to save you some hassle!

Can I recruit you for a role?

Thanks, but I'm not interested at this time. I'm happily employed at VMware. Additionally, I don't have the bandwidth to help you find someone else to fill the role. Sorry!

Do you do freelance work?

Nope. I dig my job and would rather spend my free time teaching others how to build a place where they can dig their jobs, too.

What if I have a question about the course?

I've turned on commenting for every course I create. Please post it there so others can benefit from the response.

What if it's none of the above?

Feel free to send me an email. My address is It might take a few days, but I will respond!

What if I make large office chairs and want to send you one?

Ok, this is a joke...but if you really do make large office chairs and want me to sit in it, I will gladly accept it. Shoot me a note at and we'll work out the details.