Dash to Value: Principles of Customer Onboarding by Andrew Gassen

Dash to Value: Principles of Customer Onboarding

Starts May 21, 2020 at 9:00 PM EDT

What's This Class About?

For any business, getting customers is a challenging, time-consuming process that merits a little celebration each and every time. Once the confetti has fallen and the wine has run dry, you now face a new challenge: How do you KEEP the customer?

This live class, taught by Andrew Gassen (check the bio at the bottom of this page!), covers the first step in keeping your hard-earned customers: Customer Onboarding. During this class, you will:
  • Understand the basic principles of customer onboarding.
  • Learn common traps to avoid when designing your onboarding program.
  • Learn common reasons why customers abandon onboarding and what to do about them.
  • Discover ways to measure the value your onboarding program is providing to you AND your customers.
  • Have a chance to ask any questions related to the content or your specific product.
  • Learn why onboarding is much more than just a product tutorial.

What Will I Learn?

Identifying Friction

Friction kills momentum, so we must find and kill the friction. Where are customers getting stuck? Why are they getting stuck? What can you do about?

Continuous Improvement

Building an onboarding plan isn't a one-time task. As the world evolves, so should your onboarding. How should you think about making continuous, iterative improvements?

Measuring Success

What's the purpose of customer onboarding? It might not be what you think it is. We'll discuss how to identify key success indicators of a great onboarding program.


What happens if I can't make the live class?

I'll be recording a standalone video course in the weeks following the live class. You'll be able to purchase this class and watch at your leisure, but you'll miss the interactive bits!

Will I get a recording?

Yes! If you purchase a seat to the class, you will receive access to the recording of the entire session. This recording will ONLY be made available to those who signed up and paid for the live session.

Who should attend this class?

This class is going to cover big-picture principles in an easy-to-understand way. This could should be valuable for you if you have a product with high churn for new customers, if you're working on a new product and want to get ahead of the curve, or if you're working with a product with a complex implementation. I'd also encourage you to register if you're just looking to understand a bit more about onboarding in general.

I bought a seat but can't make it. What do I do?

I'm happy to provide a full refund up to 24 hours in advance. If something urgent comes up the day of, shoot an email to andrew@getitbuilt.io and we'll work something out.

Hi! I'm Andrew Gassen.

Customer Success Director. Former Product Manager. Lean Startup Instructor at two Washington DC-area startup accelerators. A decade of leading technical teams and managing tech talent at startups and Fortune 500 enterprises.

I'm a non-technical founder building a sustainable business without quitting my day job, and I'm sharing everything I know along way!