Live Classes

Every week, except when I'm on vacation, I teach a class on a topic related to product development. I leverage my deep experience in helping founders, product teams, and enterprise organizations to share practical tips, easy-to-understand fundamentals, and deep-dives into confusing topics. Each session contains 30-45 minutes of content, followed by 15-30 minutes where I spend time discussing a topic from the community. After that, I open it up to questions. I hope I'll see you on an upcoming call!

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If you sign up for the Get It Built Membership, you get access to EVERY live class, including past classes, for one annual fee! Attending each class would cost you over $1200, but the first 1000 people to join the Get It Built Membership will gain access to everything for $99 a year.
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Upcoming Live Classes

Every class is recorded and made available to those who wanted the content, but couldn't attend live.

Eating the Elephant

FREE - July 7, 8:00 pm EST
Let's dive into ways we can take big ideas and break them into manageable, bite-sized chunks. Each little win we get is a shot of momentum that keeps dragging us forward...but what does "little win" actually mean? Let's chat about all of!

Talking to Customers

$25 - July 14, 8:00 pm EST
Building a product without validating direction is a cardinal sin. Validating direction requires interacting with our target users, but how do we actually do it? In this session, I'll break down how to ask the right questions, how to make sense of your findings, and what to do with the information.

MVPs Decoded

$25 - July 21, 8:00 pm EST
The Minimum Viable Product is possibly the most misunderstood concept in modern product development. In reality, it's an extremely important topic to understand. In this class, I'll share my definition, some tips on how to design a good MVP, and how to keep building on your initial successes.

Dash to Value

$25 - August 4, 8:00 pm EST
Onboarding can make the difference between a loyal customer and an immediate churn. In this session, I'll share the fundamentals behind designing an exceptional onboarding experience to make sure your users are getting to their "aha" moment as quickly as possible.

Hi! I'm Andrew Gassen.

I've been building software and software teams over the past decade for startups, large enterprises, and government agencies. I love it.

The highlights in my career come from helping things get "unstuck." My superpower is in helping people look at their challenges and situations from a different perspective, then identifying the path forward.

I'm committed to helping you build the right thing, build the thing right, and make your customers wildly successful.